Monday, May 17, 2010

"I don't see nothing new, but I feel a lot of change" Heading For The Light

Well, first off, thanks to all people who commented on my blog- just pure sweetness!!! I've been busy lately with many to do's (unfortunately not artistic X)) In fact, all posted here I could've done in less than a month, but because of the "other stuff" it derived to "5 months".

Bah- here's some sketcheerios, a bit of everything.

A cat of hope for my aunt, who lost one of her siamese cats. It's a real shame- he was a quiet and cuddly little person...
The text reads: "this cat is for you to not loose hope..."

A CD cover for a very talented friend, who does belly-dancing. The girl looks more as if she's trying to slam dunk backwards, but meh.

Harry Potter nerdio coming through...Tonks, Sirius + Lupin. (Black pen)

A Death Eater (no idea who, prob Andromeda or Regulus X)The large part of the helmet represents Voldemort club's wisdom, and the lower part is to show that even though they easily handle a target, they're only treated like horses. Bah, pretty much like the human being, always in front of a screen reducing us to one hypnotizing objective XD

Mr. Mignola's "The Hydra & the Lion" is probably one of my favourite "mini-stories", the idea of subconscious memories and undefined conclusions... therefore, I had to draw something related to it... Herculeses à la Mignola!!!

Very random stuff. A student who hasn't much to say, Anthony Hopkins in Wolfman, and a pregnant woman who isn't sure if it's coincidence or if the baby kicked her because she's having a beer. Ah yes and a burger thrower

Once upon a time there was a bird who had an excellent talent to fly planes, but unfortunately looses an arm due to an accident- therefore loosing his job and his dreams. One day he finds someone with whom he'll learn he doesn't need a plane to let his soul fly. Obviously this is a story I'll never, ever write in my life.

Beast thinking

Beast brainstormation-pencil-dump

Psylocke, the purple psychic ninja:::: can't wait to draw her in action ^^

Selumera: Even though I made up her name, this is a woman I actually dreamed of D: Constantly chasing me with a machine gun and a surprising agility, trying to kill me because she had to. That's about it. I remember how amazingly similar she was to the first Barbie Tell me you wouldn't have nightmares with that picture

I owe my sister a Pokemon, so I drew one of my favourite back when I used to play those adictive Gameboys. He was one of the best because he could sleep his rival and weaken him while it's asleep with "Eat dreams" (I think you call it like that). No other Pokemon had that, hah. Thanks to Gengar I managed to capture Entei XD

I'm trying real hard to follow Mr. Kricfalusi's animation lessons. I swear I have n o idea what I want to do for a living in the future- (although I think he wanted to kill me when I told him I wasn't sure if I wanted to be an animator)


what he teaches is basically the key, from my POV, to draw ANYTHING. The fluidity the characters move in his examples are similar to pure and perfect.

One of the Coen brothers (loved "A serious man", as well as many others)

One of the Coen brothers

Johnny Depp as Maleficent. I'm beginning to get tired of Tim Burton's Hollywood dialogue crap he applies to his movies. If he keeps being like that I think I'm going to give up.

Dedicated to the person who replied to the question "I wonder who's going to play Maleficent?" with "Johnny Depp, of course" XD Silly joke, but I couldn't stop laughing

Benicio del Toro: hated the Wolfman to a point were I had to cover my eyes when Anthony Hopkins turns into a werewolf. How embarassing XO But I really, really, liked the visuals so I guess this movie is a love/hate thing, just like X-Men 3. He looks more of a humanified version of Clyde

Annie from Being Human: thanks to Euan I managed to know of this show, and I think it's great. Real, real, fun! Nerdiness BH coming thru...........


George never plays an instrument on any episode, but I bet I saw a sax when the priest enters his room. The sound of that metal animal is simply majestic........

Finito- hope to come back soon.......................... now, to sleep- it's 3.20 here Xo


Tim said...

I really like your stuff. Very pleasing use of shape and color.

freekhand said...

Me gusta mucho lo que haces, como te dije otra vez, veo a Mignola y veo a tu padre, pero veo sobre todo algo único queriendo salir afuera y que está ya asomando la nariz... Y me encantan las cosas que escribes, me parecen muy... smart.

Raul Avila said...

tienes un trazo fresco,inquieto y cambiante, me da la impresion que te diviertes y lo disfrutas, y eso es lo mas importante

un abrazo

Diego said...

Hola! Me gusta mucho tu blog. Excelentes dibujos en distintos registros!
Yo también sigo a Kricfalusi... aunque hace mucho no practico debidamente con el libro de Preston Blair.

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

really cool stuff!

Key said...

Hi! I usually hate music in web pages, but the song you chose is beautiful, would you mind telling me the name so I can look for it somewhere?
Nice stuff, your art. Dark and strange, but definitely interesting.

Key said...

Oooops! it was there, the mp3, player... forget about my question, but not about my opinion ;)

Meesimo said...

Epic post! Lots of tasty goodness, and I like your version of the Wolfman better than the movie.

A. Riabovitchev said...

What a post!So many beautiful drawings together!:o)

Daniel Nobre said...

Your drawings show something which I find very difficult to find (especially on my "works"): expression and freedom.

They are so dynamic and beautiful to look at, that I could have each one of them on my walls to look at, every single day.

Like the one with the two birds - the mood is great and I do not know why, but it realy left me "wondering in it"..

Spanish artists are masters in drawing so I guess that also runs in your veins =)

The Original "Funsaver" said...

Me Encanta! Y Estas En Barcelona...Acabo de ver el partido de ellos en la tele, BARCA! jaja. Pero los dibujos, and the lovely poses you do with your characters are amazing. Good stuff!