Thursday, August 26, 2010

"The ground's a long way down but I need more" Madman Across The Water


This idea came like a silver light to me. The past few months I've been very lost towards what to do, who should I look to study--- internet is like heaven/hell the many, many, images of great artists out there.
"Influential map" helped me to grab my priorities and, due to the images, memorize them in an easy way. Ah yes and it's sooooooooo fun. Eco aquí:

Yeah I'm not very original X)

Mike Mignola: He's the King.
Sylvia Menendez: My mum is the reason why I draw.
Ernesto Melo: My dad is the reason why I draw.
Preston Blair: I had the Blair Book before I was even born- irony's I begun studying him the past few months.
Lou Romano: He's the reason I'm crazy with silhouettes.
Jamie Hewlett: He's crazy.
Scott Wills: One of the composition masters.
Makani and Harry Potter: She's the reason why I'm quite addicted to the books and movies. The way the characters are portrayed is amazing! They're alive.
John K.: You have to visit his blog to realize how blind you've been over your whole life X)
Sebastian Krüger: He knows how to stretch cheeks (any part of the face, really) in a surreal way and make it believable.
Uderzo & Goscinny: The Dynamic Duo. (Uderzo caricature by Goscinny)
Swimming: Helps me in many, many, many ways, specially gaining perspective.
Faces: They're my drawing adrenaline.
Life Drawing: I try. I try to get it right, I mean. The place where I go to learn isn't easy to reach either (also I find it an irony in swimming I'm surrounded by naked bodies and I can't draw them because it would be illegal or something) Anyway, it's thanks to life drawing I began using straight lines for help (sure helped) When I spent a time in Buenos Aires I had a L.D. teacher, a woman who was crazy, but she had a sweet way to express herself. "It's all in directions, you know dear? In a month if you keep using straight lines, you'll have everything solved. You don't even need me as a guide. You know dear? As simple as that"

Eveybody's doing it!:

Atomic Terrier
Pietro Antognioni
Betteo 12
Phobs (WW1)
Evan Bryce

EDIT: 2 extras--- plans/sketches for a contest which came out quite wrong. I had big problems combining styles (The judges didn't have any taste either)



I might just have to make a map

She-Thing said...

Please do so, m'amigo.

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Hey, amazing blog you have:) Loves your sense of color.


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nice works

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con una influencia asi cualquiera.....

saludos y un abrazo

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Los Piojos se escucha en España?

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Como sabes que escucho los Piojos?

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