Monday, April 25, 2011

"Soñaaaaaaste angeliiiiiiiiitos...... muy PROOOfesionaaaAAAaales..." Es hora de levantarse querido! (Dormiste bien?)

Hi-ho-hey!! 6 months... lovely X) Anyway, no matter how long, I always come back. As always, too much work, not just drawing, thankfully I have a job were I'm teaching little boys + girls English and art. They're fantastic. They call your name just to see you "Caty! Hey Caty!" It's amazing. Obviously whenever they like they transform into little bastards disguised as dwarfs with cute eyes and heads, but their freshness and let's say... happiness is contagious, inspiring. In future posts I'll share some of their beautiful drawings, you'll see. ;)

Let's begin...........> Sketches and sketches and preliminary sketches......

Gemma Jones in "You'll meet a tall, dark stranger" Her marble eyes should've win an Oscar! She showed off a very interesting face.

James Spader as Stewart in Wolf... Fantastic XD Obviously-- you have to watch the whole movie to make it work on context

More Harry Potter goodness

Large nose. Stinky hair. Unhappy face. A non-Rickman Snape.

A present for a friend, I printed this on a shirt. It's funny because after working on this present over 3 moths (YES aaaaaagh) she said "Who told you I saw Metropolis? I've never seen it in my life" "But you were the one who told me Maria appeared belly dancing. You love that part!" "No"
Anyway, so I probably dreamed it. At least I have a new shirt. I did a different were we share our tastes in a non-dream way- I'll post that later!

For the back of the shirt. Then I realised printing the one above was enough.

A happy Phoenix.

Aaaaaand I'll post some more later. No, really!!

As always, thank you so much for the comments. I wish I could visit blogs more often, I quite admire the people who are ultra-organized enough to be with their routine and at the same time update their blogs! LuuuuuuckAY.


P.S: AH, almost forgot! I uploaded on youtube 8 Spittin' Image videos- Peter & The Wolf: A Prokofiev Fantasy. It's one of those videos were you have no idea what the heck is going on but you love it anyway. Let's just say it's a behind-the-scenes play. You'll love it! Sorry if it's in Spanish, I posted a link there where you can listen to Sting's storytelling. That's about all what you'll need, because the rest of the parts is just mute acting. Enjoy!

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