Monday, April 13, 2009

"Hello-o......... is there anybody IN there..." Comfortably Numb

hahahahaaaaa I suck at updates Xp

Just continuing what I started-----

MODOK YOU MUST: (for the fun fancy free MARCH MODOK MADNESS blog!)

Fenrir Greyback- he loves to keep kids in his tummy. Such a maternal man.

Narcissa Malfoy (Draco's mother)-she's vain and likes green.

EDIT: I forgot to comment--- makani (Accio Brain in my "Must Visit" links section) gave soooo much character to Narcissa (or Cissa, how she calls her) that it was impossible to draw her. Please visit that web.... she's fantastic. I don't know what's with my obsession with her work... I mean... Lou Romano or Stephen Silver should be up there in those links... but... there's something, you knoe? In fact, it's her fault I began with this Harry Potter silliness... anyway

VISIT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bellatrix Black- Narcissa's sister. Here I tried to make her both sexy and ugly- although probably I'm doing it again, cuz Bella HAS to look crazy. She looks more like "What the..?" type.
P.S. The details on the left glove are written runes which reads "His sinister vein". Thought that Bella needed a protection from the Dementors, even if they're allies. "His" refers to "he who must not be named" of course.

Lupin transformed- Hey, I liked the naked pink rat version from the movie. It was different. Even so I'm also going to design it again (even after I drew a zillion different versions)

Instead of picturing his classic scared look, I moved towards the last books when he gains a little bit more confidence on himself. I even added a so-so modern jacket. Ron es el Rey dudes.

Ginny WROCKS!!!

It seems that when I read "Moaning Myrtle is a squat ghost with lank hair, pimples, and thick glasses" means "she was so fat she looked like a floating baloon with pimples". Whatever. She's in pencil, that's what is most important.

no idea. After watching this video I got inspired. Those gloves look like he's going to do a rectal analysis XP My dream is to animate him doing Noodle's cute dance in the Lives. Someday, someday.

Not telling-- you have to read/watch the 7th book :)


Robert Smith (black pen)

Colour attempt

This was after I watched Hellboy 2 in SPANISH. Quick silly gag with Niles/Abe & Frasier/Beast. Then I saw the movie with my sister in ENGLISH. So, yes, this sketch means absolutely nothing. But I liked the colours.

What's worse, my 7 year-old sister also created something inspired by Hellboy 2- as in, much more cooler, creative, and original than what I did.

Dig Beibee (Big Baby)

And I had to sketch something related to that awesomeness:




I need you to post more...
Great superhero stuff as usual....
your compositions are really eye catching.


She-Thing said...

Thank you P, sweet comment as honey. But do you mean more of superhero stuff or everything in general? haha I'll see if I can get more time to produce more fandom silliness!

Besos & Saludos

Will Appledorn said...


that Hellboy is great.

too much great stuff to comment on.keep it up

Parpa said...

que lindos trabajos! un placer que me hayas vistado y descubrir esto


kanishk said...

Wow, your drawings are amazing!! Really interesting style.
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