Saturday, September 10, 2011

"DREENG DING deeng DING Who is the lamb and who is the knife? DING ding ding DREENG DEENG"

Well, the Holy-days are over and we're back to some business.Bah actually these were done during the summer, but you know what I mean. Hope you enjoy. (always sketches made with 3BPencil-Photoshop, except for the first one which is finished work for a friend)


The same friend who asked me for a few president silhouettes also wanted a cover-like illustration were she comments basically, how the Tunisian boy who incinerated himself made a "click" on manifestations in the Middle East/Around the world.I wanted to illustrate a bit of what I interpreted from her report how England/the World are handling themselves. It's not THAT original, but I liked the idea of pointing out that no matter what you do, you either get your ass kicked or turn into a silent sheep. (Again, please try to avoid extra-angry criticisms on politics. Just enjoy the pic)

Some views I painted from my window(s) using Photo (haha yes I have to learn how to use gouache NOW XP)

Early night, cloudy, late evening, rainy, early evening and sunny

2 of my favourite 3D movies. Kung Fu panda 2 is so great, so sincere to the dialogues. Well and for once I actually laugh to the jokes. "Mum... Dad?" "Honey, we've replaced you with this beautiful raddish" I want it NOW on DVD. I think it's one of the few 3D movies that actually says to me "You have to do this". I drew these from memory after watching the movie, that's why there are terrible design mistakes.

Pretty Women- crorrect me if I'm wrong, but I think that the composer from Super 8 stole just like that, the "Pretty Women" melody from Sweeney Todd and applied it to the main character's mother? (Yep boys and girls, that's called a RANDOM THOUGHT XS XD)

Afro pregnant ladies. The tatoos that look tronish are pure coincidence


Frances O'Connor (Freaks) A.I. made-up version

Antoher Afro lady- I took the advantage that one of the Photoshop brushes looks just like an-African mask! This doesn't have a story but you can imagine one if you wish- the lady and the violent wings, Aïna and the mysterious unmasked souls, blah bla

Humanized Pokemon- all my sister's fault I finally appreciate the pokemons designs (really don't care for the story and the game though X)). Inspired by this creative beauty here:

Made-up Pokemono


X-Men:First Class- Loved the movie! So much fun!! It's like the incredibles; when my sister and I came out we chatted a looong time "yes, remember the part when Elasticgirl stetches to take the guard's keys and she gets trapped but she can't do anything blah blah" I think that kind of comments are difficult to make nowadays, they don't exist X) HArdly we come out from the cinema "And I love the part when..." "Oh and you that creature when" "That guy deserved to die" etc. Sequences don't exist, pursuits are boring. The important thing is the message- who cares if the movie is fun? Anyway, the movie may try to crumple up just too many sequences and stories at a time, but it's fantastic, really. Beauty adaptaion. SOme of my fave characters



Man in black- I loved that character! Why did they have to kill him. I was like: "No, they're so racist, they killed two Black people in the same scene!" XD

Sebastian Shaw


X-Girls scenes


HULK (sorry, I loved the movie, Ang Lee's version. You'll have to live with that)


My dad and sis took one of the pix and edited/made it better. My dad drew the hair and sword, and my sister did the shoulderpads, skirt and sword holster. "Yes" she said "because in one of your comics, I think Hulk was in some kind of planet, he wears these clothes" Fantastic.

Jennifer Connelish-like Betty Ross

Harry Potter (it's over! Some stuff from the 2 last movies deserves to be aplauded. Avanti fanart)

Voldy and Nagini

Lupin and Sirius

Crazy lady (can't remember her name, something like Helen or so) who had Nagini in her body. Loved it. Scary as hell but I loved it

Fat Lady

Huh-huh-huh-huh-HUH-huh-huh-huh-HUH-HUH. DERP.


Mamma mia I laughed so much. "Get the door" already made me smile. "HAT" And so on. Seriously, this should be exposed, I don't know why people don't comment on this. Everything's so random, and there no need of un-paced dialogues, blood or violence, everything's pure, simple cheesiness. I made a few caricatures and a random Edna, because Brad Bird's voice is to die for- I love how he carries the words as if they weighed 2000 kg XD

This video again

John K exerciselink

Bored to death- I like this actor so much in Gulliver's traavels! Well and obviously in BTD- the part where he confuses the walkie-talkie with his filter is priceless.

All the best and see you soon!


Tim said...

Good stuff. I like Ang Lee's HULK too.

She-Thing said...

Thank you! Hulk is so underrated---- when you hear "mmmmmMMMMMMMMmmmm" and suddenly Hulk grabs Bruce through the mirror....

"Puny human"

just beautiful! I'm really intrigued though, why people don't like the movie-but I mean, not just the fans from the comics or the people that have no interest on comics who had wrong expectations--I read from comments that the movie looses rhythm in story. You have any idea?

Anyway, probably the bravest Superhero movie ever done...besos

Parpa said...

muy lindos!

Tim said...

It seems to me that general opinion of HULK has shifted to its favor somewhat in recent years. I think a few more people gave it a second look and accepted that it has the rhythm of a psychological drama and not a jokey action flick.

She-Thing said...

Tim-Ha, for some reason this makes me laugh. Quite comforting too... who knows? Maybe someday we'll find a good, useful, capture-by-capture review. besos

Raul Avila said...

caray cuantos estilos y variantes