Tuesday, June 12, 2012

*Paris! continued*

EDIT: Beauty journey I had to Paris, I received EVERYTHING!! Thank you savings for making my dreams come true XD I visited my family, "visited" Tim Burton, visited glorious stores + visited my auntie's expo! (Everything of hers hanged in a hat store- so actually I shouldn't be posting these cuz taking photos in there was completely forbidden…… but Ssshh but don't tell anybody, it's a secret. ;) My uncle and cousin were too patient with me while I was at the Arludik expo... but I knew I was boring them to death CX So I only managed to take a few pictures… you can find the complete set of works of art over here: http://www.arludik.com/index4.htm NOTE: IF by any chance you don't want your work posted over here, tell me AS SOON AS POSS and I'll delete it immediately. The line to the other Tim Burton expo, over La Cinemathèque Française… no photos allowed in there, unfortunately. I couldn't even sneak in to take a few, loads of guards were doing their job right… I'll tell you though, that the expo reminds you why tim Burton is so great, as superfitial as it may sound, written like that… it also called my attention to see how requirements from Cal Arts have changed over the years. You see Tim's portfolio-life drawings to an actual one and… there's a difference. And, obviously, it's sweet how Burton's little pieces plotted a few millimeters from the other and make an expo big enough to cover the whole wall... http://www.cinematheque.fr/fr/expositions-cinema/printemps-2012-tim-burto/

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