Saturday, July 07, 2012

"Love is like a silhouette in dreams!" Cameo Lover

Avengers fan art! The movie was fun and cute, Incredibles-X-Men like. still not 100% certain if it's THE Superhero movie as everybody says, (there were moments which reminded me of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen- that's NOT a bad thing, that movie is one of my secret likes, heh) + I just don't want aliens in the movie. The way they were portrayed, at least. THEY were just there. But I can't argue that either, cause they only appear 5 mins over the whole movie. Perhaps I'm a bit worried they will DO appear over the whole movie in the sequel.
Anyway, a friend super-fan of Buffy's said that Joss Whedon had a thing for aliens. Personally I have no problem with them... but if they're treated as "The THing" or "Alien" (not easy, not impossible). Running around like a bunch of Power Rangers fisherwomen is…well.

In any way, I can't WAIT to see the making ofs ^^ A vewy pwetty, sweet movie, you'll see some of the stuff I enjoyed over the next posts.

Avengers Tron

1st attempt on MMark Ruffalo, A friend said I was being too mean and that I made him too fat, blah

so here's the guapo version, it's amazing how he looks like himself in other pictures and in his Bruce Banner role he actually looks like Bruce and not like himself. That's why it's been a pain in the ass to caricaturize.

Seriously…would you think he's really him in this pic?

More to come!

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