Tuesday, September 04, 2012

"Stop your questioning!" Call Me

So... here's more Avengers fun. It's funny how I don't care much for the movie and story (mind me I enjoyed it and there are some sweet moments) but for the charactors. Da dolce performances.
So I'll be posting more Avengers' caricatures and action----- pronto!

Whoever spots the Kung Fu Panda cameo gets a prize X)

Tony-Iron Man Tacho de Basura

Bruce Banner dump pt1- It'd be fun if Iron was part guilty of being the creator of the Hulk in Iron 3---- More Bruces soon ^^ Gotta love too that the creature looks just like Ruffalo... first time evah!!!! Thanks Avengers ^_^

Hulk thinks Betty smells food er good

Hulk likes Red House Painters [link]

Lupin wonders Why is Snape shouting I mean srsly what's he got with students why does he think everybody is James Potter

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